Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries

The corrosion causes a lot of inevitable financial damages to Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries.

ASHCO. presents MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) in order to decrease the corrosion damage costs.

1.The surface engineering applies for surface corrosion by means of polymer composite coatings according to ambient.

2.Polymer composite repairing system for leakage of pipelines and storage tanks( based on our ISO/TS 24817)

3.The repairing of cooling pumps, vertical pumps, butterfly valves, storage tanks, floors, tube sheet and water box condensers.

4.Shaft repairing at bearing seat (without heat treatment)

Economic Repairs Of Pump Casing

Economic Repair Of Condenser

Interduction Of Pipe Repair and Rebuild Drain Pipe

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