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ahram sanat havosh

About US

ASHCO. started to work in 2015 as specialized consulter in Petrochemical and power plant industries for different kind of corrosion and erosion resistance coating materials. Then, the company has been developed to work for construction of casting industry spare parts resulting great achievements.

Now, ASHCO. is known as a company focusing on polymer composite-base repairing which this repairing method is known as a modern system.


1.The production of polymer composite repairing material

2.Implementation of MRO system

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2th Unit, No36, Khoramshahr Street, North Sohrevardi Street, Tehran, Iran

Postal Code : 1553833713

Call : +98 2186121609

Fax : +98 2189776936

Email : info@ahramsanat-havosh.com

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